How To Clean Polishing Pads?

How do you clean polishing polishing pads?

How To Clean Your Pad On The Fly –

Can you machine wash polishing pads?

Since most of the compound and polishing products today are water based, most all purpose cleaners will do a pretty nice job and dissolving product residue. Saturate, kneed in, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. A pad washer using a citrus cleaning solution does a great job cleaning up these pads.

How do you clean foam pads?

How to Clean a Foam Pad

  • Vacuum your foam pad with a hand-held vacuum cleaner hose to remove dust and debris.
  • Spot clean the foam pad by applying a tablespoon of liquid clothes detergent directly to the soiled area and scrub the stain or spot with a wet cleaning cloth until the area is clean.

How do you clean microfiber polishing pads?

If you’re hand washing you can use dish soap and warm water to scrub the foam and remove embedded dirt, product (ie. wax, polish), or grease. For those using washing machines, set your washer to a warm, gentle cycle. After either hand washing or machine washing, tumble dry with little to no heat.