How To Clean Whiskey Stones?

Can you use whiskey stones in soda?

For starters, you can use the stones on all types of whiskey, spirits, and beer. But drinks like coffee, soda, fruit juices, and tea can also benefit from the non-dilution of ice cubes. Since whiskey stones are cut from naturally occurring soapstone, they don’t possess any reactive properties whatsoever.

Are whiskey stones dishwasher safe?

Putting a granite whiskey stone in a dishwasher is safe in the sense that it will not harm or destroy the product or your other dishes, but the soaps and chemicals will sink into the pores and change the flavor of anything you put them into after that.

Do whiskey stones actually work?

The melted ice then cools the liquid around it. However, since the whiskey stones don’t melt when in the beverage, they just absorb the heat of the whiskey, making the stones warmer. The stones will ultimately stop cooling your drink. A little extra ice water in this case will make the flavor that much better.

What material is best for whiskey stones?

Whiskey stones are typically made of granite, soapstone, or stainless steel. Soapstone is perhaps the most attractive material of the three. However, it should be noted that whiskey stones usually only slightly chill drinks rather than making them frosty cold.