How To Wash 360 Waves?

How often should I wash my waves?

Cleansing should be done once or twice a week to keep your hair clean and soft, but don’t over-cleanse because you’ll wash out the natural oils in your hair.

The days that you are not washing your hair, you should just lay a hot, wet washrag on your head, then proceed to step 2.

This is the conditioner I use.

Does washing your hair mess up your waves?

Yes, you need to wash your waves. But you want to make sure that you’re not washing your hair too often because shampoos wash out the essentials oils your body creates. Always moisturize immediately after washing. Pro-tip: Try brushing your hair in the shower when it’s softest and easiest to tame.

How do you wash 360 waves for beginners?

Here’s how to do it: Apply a dime size amount to damp hair and begin shampooing. Smooth it in the direction of your wave pattern with your fingers until your hair is completely lathered. Then begin brushing or combing in the direction of your wave pattern while making sure your hair is kept damp during this process.

What to do after washing 360 waves?



Should you comb your waves?

Can you use a comb for 360 waves? You absolutely should! It’s actually one of the keys to getting more defined 360 waves—including fixing problem areas like forks. Combing helps to distribute product from root to end while de-tangling your hair prior to your brush session.

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Why do my waves disappear after shower?

The warm to semi-hot water opens your hair’s pores and allows your hair follicles and attached strands to relax causing your waves to lay down better while shower brushing. It’s the same concept that spas use for opening up your face’s pores when they place a warm towel on it.

How do Durags make waves?

For men of color, durags are a preservation tool. To put it simply: after you brush your hair you can mess it up as it rubs on your pillowcase when you sleep. A durag not only preserves the brushing but through consistent wearing, gives the effect of “waves” wherein your hair creates a radial effect from the crown.

How do you make your waves deeper?

How To Get Deep 360 Waves?

  • Firstly you need to buy some product for getting wider and deeper waves such as:
  • You need to cut your hair short and edge it up.
  • For 2 to 3 minutes brush your hair with wave brush obviously.
  • Application of moisturizer is important as it resists any sort of heat damage and keeps your hair soft and smooth.

How long do you leave a wave cap on?

Start from below your hairline and stretch the cap to the front of your head. 4. Sleep overnight with the wave cap on. If you do not want to keep it overnight, wear it for at least 30 minutes.