How To Wash A Buff?

How do you put on a buff?

Use BUFF® headwear as a headband when you’re on the go or working out. To wick away sweat or keep your hair out of your face, pull your BUFF® headwear down around your neck so it looks like a scarf, then pull it up around your hairline. Fold it or scrunch it so it isn’t hanging down on your forehead.

What does a buff do?

A Buff is just a tube of lightweight, stretchy material. I’ve found them useful in three particular situations: They are thin, so can be worn like a hat under a bicycle helmet for extra warmth in the winter. Worn round the neck it provides a comfortable scarf that helps seal any gaps around my jacket collar.

How do you clean a gaiter neck?

Do not machine wash. Other and most neck gaiters can be in the machine under a gentle cycle with cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners and do not dry-clean.

Do buffs stretch out?

No, BUFF® Mutlifunctional Headwear will maintain its shape due to its 4-way lateral stretch.