How To Wash A Makeup Sponge?

How do you clean a beauty blender?


How often should I wash my makeup sponge?

You should be washing your sponges on a weekly basis and replacing them every 3 months, according to Patinkin.

Can you put beauty blenders in the washing machine?

“First soak your sponge in a soapy solution to loosen and break up makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung. “I put my sponges and velour puffs in net lingerie bags and put them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with an extra rinse cycle,” she says.

How do I clean my makeup sponge with vinegar?

Add two parts of vinegar with one part of water to a bowl. Mix them well to make a decent solution. Swirl the makeup brushes in the vinegar solution for a couple of minutes. Run brushes under water to remove the vinegar.

What do I use to clean my beauty blender?

Annie, go get your sponge.

  • Caress it with some baby shampoo.
  • Nuke it in the microwave with some dish soap.
  • Suds it up and rinse it out with Dawn.
  • Give it a little olive-oil conditioning massage.
  • … Or just use the brand-approved Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser.

How do you clean a beauty blender with a beauty blender?

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser Demo ! –