How To Wash A Pig?

What kind of soap do I use to wash a pig?

Use a gentle pet shampoo.

Don’t use dish soap or anything harsh that can burn your pig’s eyes.

Can you give a pig a bath?

Bathing: Pigs are so naturally clean that baths are required only occasionally. This is fine, especially if your pig has good skin and coat condition, as too much bathing can exacerbate the dry skin condition that can be such an annoyance to the potbellied pig owner.

How do you clean a pig?

Start by completely de-soiling the pig housing. Remove all solid matter like faeces, slurry, food stuff and dust using a shovel, a brush and a scraper. Work into the corners and gullies, along edges and worn areas. To make it easier to clean, take out any movable equipment.

How often do you wash a pig?


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