How To Wash A Waterproof Mattress Cover?

Can you wash the mattress cover?

You should wash your mattress pad every couple months.

Your mattress pad bears of that brunt, too, but not quite as much. Forte recommends following the care label for specific cleaning directions, but in general, most mattress pads can be machine-washed in warm water and tumbled on low to dry.

What temperature should I wash my mattress protector?

If your mattress protector label says that it can be washed at 60°c or even better at 90°c then you can be sure of getting it thoroughly and hygienically clean. The other benefit of a higher temperature wash is that you don’t need to be over doing it with any unneccesary chemical additions to the wash.

Can you put waterproof mattress protectors in the dryer?

To dry the mattress protector, you can either hang it on your clothes line outdoors or put it in your dryer on the air-dry or high-heat setting. It is okay to put sheets and other items in with the protector when you dry it.

Can you wash IKEA mattress cover?

Some of our mattresses have a machine washable cover. On those that don’t, use upholstery cleaner to remove stains.