How To Wash African American Hair?

How do you wash natural African hair?

My Wash Day Routine (START TO FINISH) 4C Natural Hair –

How often should a black woman wash her hair?

Wash Hair Once a Week

Black women often hear that they should wash their hair infrequently to prevent it from drying out. If you have naturally dry hair or use chemical relaxers, which can make hair dry and brittle, you should rinse your hair in water every day but only wash it about once a week to once every 10 days.

How do you take care of African American hair?

African-American hair: Tips for everyday care, processing, and

How do you wash a little black girl’s hair?

How To Wash A Little Black Girl’s Hair

  • Step 1: Find a good spot to wash her hair. I tried washing Ayva’s hair in the bathtub, but that was just not fun at all.
  • Step 2: Gather your tools. Chefs call this mise en place when they’re cooking.
  • Step 3: Shampoo the hair.
  • Step 4: Condition the hair.
  • Step 5: Detangle and style the hair.