How To Wash And Go?

How-to: Wash-and-Go Hair Versus the Twist-Out By Emily Davis

  • Wash-and-Go Hair.
  • Wash with conditioner (a.k.a. co-wash), then detangle with a brush (with wide-set plastic bristles).
  • Rinse out the conditioner with warm water.
  • Saturate wet hair with a leave-in conditioner, then apply a gel.

What products do I need for a wash and go?


  1. Eden BodyWorks Curl Defining Crème.
  2. As I Am Coil Defining Jelly.
  3. Fruit from the Earth Aloe Vera Gel.
  4. Eco Styler Gel.
  5. Xtreme Wet Line Styling Gel.
  6. Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Hair Styling Gel.
  7. Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter.

What is the wash and go method?

If you’re not clear on what this means, a wash and go is when you wear your hair in its natural curl pattern, without manipulating the style with tools, braids or stretching. Some women wear their hair in a “wash and go” every day, while some never do.

How do you make wash and go last?

How I Make my Wash & Go Last 7 Days! | Curl Refresher Routine

How often should you do a wash and go?

Changes in weather conditions, stress levels, and hormonal changes can all cause a flare up with sebum production. This means that I have to change my wash routine often. Sometimes, I can go a week or two between washes, but during flare ups, I may need to cleanse my hair and scalp every three to four days.

Which Eco Styler Gel is best for wash and go?

Here’s a breakdown of each type of Eco Styler Gel:

  • Eco Style Argan Oil Gel. Softer hold. Defines Curls. Typically defines curls best for Type 2 and 3 hair. Little to No Shine. Best for: Wash & Gos, Edges.
  • Eco Styler Olive Oil. Firm to Strong Hold. Defines Curls. Works for almost any hair type. Shine.
  • Eco Styler Krystal Gel.

How do you wash and go 4c hair?

Realistic WASH N GO For Short 4c/b Natural Hair –

How long does a wash and go last?

One thing people with naturally curly hair know is that a wash and go is a transformative experience. In a matter of minutes, dry, lifeless curls can be morphed into defined, elongated and moisturized locks that last for up to seven days.

Is wash and go good for natural hair?

Wash and gos are notorious for excessive tangling and (ultimately) breakage. When natural hair is worn in a wash and go, its usually shrunken — a breeding ground for tangling. If you decide to wear a wash and go, take extra care to use a lot of conditioner and avoid disturbing the curl pattern while it dries.

Are wash and gos good for natural hair?

Clumping Improves Hair Strength

When it comes to withstanding the elements and resisting breakage, clumped curls via wash and go’s are especially beneficial. Clumped curls are stronger than separated strands, and are less prone to breakage and damage. Obia Natural Hair Curl Enhancing Custard [review here]

How do you sleep with wet wash and go?

Wash and Go .To Sleep Routine –