How To Wash Bathing Suits?

Can I wash my bathing suit in the washer?

Wash your Bathing Suit in the Washing Machine

While I don’t recommend washing your bathing suit in the washing machine, it’s not always convenient to hand-wash your suit. It’s okay to wash your swim suit on the gentle cycle on occasion but you should not routinely put it in the washer.

What is the best way to wash a bathing suit?

Hand wash with gentle detergent

Turn the suit inside out and add a pump of mild liquid hand soap to a sink of cool water. Allow the suit to soak for a few minutes, then press out excess moisture and rinse with clean water. Lay flat to dry.

How often should you wash your swimsuit?

“And only wash them when need be.” Mulholland suggests washing swimsuits roughly every three to five wears. There is one occasion when it’s beneficial to wash immediately. The ProSwimwear site suggests using a mild soap as soon as you’re out of chlorinated water.

Should you wash bathing suits before wearing?

You have to wash any new clothing before you wear it. Oh, and dark blue and black items can stain your skin if you don’t wash them first. After you buy any item of clothing and you wear it, you should always wash it after you wear it. So, in other words, your swimsuit should be washed before you wear it.