How To Wash Chacos?

Can you machine wash chacos?

So the easiest way to wash your Chacos, as long as they’re not made of leather, is to just put them in the washing machine. You don’t want the water to be on the hottest setting, but machine washing is perfectly safe for any and all of the typical styles with webbing straps and polyurethane midsole. No dryer!

How do you wash chacos by hand?

To clean Chacos, machine wash them on a gentle cycle using cold water unless they’re made of leather, in which case you should clean them by hand. If your Chacos are particularly dirty, you can add a small capful of mild laundry detergent to the wash.

Can you wear Chacos in water?

For Chaco Webbing products: Wash once per season, but if you wear your Chacos everyday we suggest washing them once a month. Additionally anytime you wear them in salt water or in a chlorine pool, rinse them in fresh water afterwards.

What are chacos good for?

Sandals are designed well so that you won’t even get your pinkie hurt! Chacos straps are designed for a durable fabric that runs through the sole of the sandal, so you can easily adjust your straps to fit your feet perfectly. So it protects you from getting hurt.

Why do my Chacos stink?

“Floss” the straps.

This is actually one of the primary reasons for smelly Chacos, and why some sandals still retain an unpleasant aroma even after washing. Flossing the sandals also keeps sand and grit trapped in the footbed from slowly sawing their way through your straps.

How do you fix stinky chacos?

Chacos are treated with an antimicrobial solution, but sometimes your sandals need extra care. Grab a brush and lightly scrub the footbed with a mixture of water and baking soda. Don’t rinse but immediately air dry your pair. This should take care of the stubborn odor.