How To Wash Cloth Menstrual Pads?

How to Wash Cloth Menstrual Pads: A Step by Step List

  • Presoak. You can either drop your pads into a soaking container as you finish wearing them (just change the soaking water daily), or wait until the end of your cycle to do a presoak.
  • Wash on cold.
  • Use a natural laundry soap.
  • Dry on low or line dry.
  • Put them away til next month!

Can you put cloth pads in the dryer?

When drying cloth pads, you can put them in a dryer or let them hang dry. If you choose the dryer option, do not set the cycle on a high heat or use dryer sheets.

Are reusable menstrual pads sanitary?

With the right maintenance, reusable products are just as sanitary. For cloth pads, most recommend soaking them overnight in water (you can add hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil to sanitize further) and toss them in the wash for a hot water cycle. For menstrual cups, it’s even easier.

What temperature should you wash reusable pads?

All pads have care labels but generally the rule is to wash at 40deg as higher temperatures can “set” a stain. Don’t use any fabric softener. Pads can be added to normal household laundry do a separate rinse first and then add the rest of your laundry.

Can you hand wash reusable pads?

If you want to hand wash your cloth pads, remove the water-soaked pads from the bucket and squirt some natural liquid soap or rub natural bar soap on them. Empty the soapy water and fill again with fresh water… and ta da, they are clean! Just wring them out and hang them to dry in the sun if possible.

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Do cloth menstrual pads smell?

Um, do they smell? If you change your pad often enough, your PIMPs won’t smell. Cloth pads allow moisture to evaporate and less moisture means less odor (and no more feeling like there’s a soggy lump in your pants!). Your PIMP won’t feel wet until it’s completely saturated and then it’s time to change it!

How long do cloth menstrual pads last?

five years