How To Wash Cloth Pads?

How to Wash Cloth Menstrual Pads: A Step by Step List

  • Presoak. You can either drop your pads into a soaking container as you finish wearing them (just change the soaking water daily), or wait until the end of your cycle to do a presoak.
  • Wash on cold.
  • Use a natural laundry soap.
  • Dry on low or line dry.
  • Put them away til next month!

How do you wash reusable cloth pads?

Simple Washing Tips for Cloth Pads

  1. Washing cloth pads is not a big deal and isn’t gross at all.
  2. For gently used pads and liners, just toss ’em in with your regular laundry; no pre-rinse is necessary.
  3. For really soaked pads, or to avoid staining: pre-rinse in cold water to remove as much blood as possible; then add to your regular laundry.

How often do you change cloth pads?

every 2 to 6 hours

How do you use washable pads?

How to use cloth pads discreetly –

Are cloth pads sanitary?

It’s sanitary, doesn’t leak and easier to clean than you think. With the right maintenance, reusable products are just as sanitary. For cloth pads, most recommend soaking them overnight in water (you can add hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil to sanitize further) and toss them in the wash for a hot water cycle.