How To Wash Cotton Sweaters Without Shrinking?

How do you wash a cotton sweatshirt without shrinking it?

To wash cottons in your washing machine, set it to use cold water and to wash on the delicate cycle. Hot water shrinks cotton. When the washing is over, line dry the clothes to prevent shrinking in the dryer. Reshape cotton sweaters and other delicates and dry them flat on top of the dryer or on a drying rack.

How do you wash sweaters without shrinking?

How to not shrink your wool sweater

  • Fill a clean sink or basin with cool water and add one teaspoon to one tablespoon of mild, bleach-free detergent.
  • Place the sweater in the soapy water and slowly swirl it around for a minute or two.
  • Remove your wool sweater from the water and gently squeeze it to get out as much water as you can.

Will a cotton sweater shrink?

Most cotton garments will shrink slightly after the first wash, and will shrink to a greater degree if they are dried using a dryer afterward. To avoid the possibility of shrinkage, always wash your cotton sweaters on the coldest setting, and then air-dry them rather than placing them in a machine dryer.

How do you wash a 100% cotton sweater?

To wash your cotton sweater, put it in the washing machine along with similarly-colored clothing and laundry detergent. Then, wash on the gentlest cycle, which may be called “wool,” “hand wash,” or “delicate,” and select “cold” for the temperature. When the laundry cycle is done, put your sweater in the dryer.