How To Wash Khaki Pants?

They can be washed in cold or warm water, but hot water can cause the pants to shrink and the color to fade.

Set your washing machine to a regular wash cycle on either cold to warm water for light-colored Dockers khakis or cold water for dark-colored khakis.

Are khakis machine washable?

Even though the official definition of khaki refers to a color, many trousers are called khakis. Most are made of 100 percent cotton and are machine washable for easy care.

Can khakis be washed with whites?

It also depends if the khaki pants are light or dark. light colored khaki’s I do with white, if it is a dark khaki it would be color. As the previous answerer said, cold water is your best bet in this case i wash all my clothes together without separating.

How do you wash khakis and jeans?

Can You Wash Khakis With Jeans? : Jeans for Fashion –

How often should I wash my khakis?

You can spot-clean any stains you get (this goes for other clothing too). Khaki/cargo shorts and pants — every 2-4 wears. Khakis don’t hide dirt as well as jeans and absorb more bodily sweat and oil. Button-down shirts and sweaters — 1-3 wears.