How To Wash Tempurpedic Pillow?

Can memory foam pillows be washed in the washing machine?

Solid memory foam pillows can be easily cleaned by simply running warm water over them until it comes out clear. Do not put a solid memory foam pillow in the washing machine. The strong agitation of machine washing will break up the padding inside the pillow and weaken it. Do not use a dryer on a foam pillow.

What happens when you wash a Tempurpedic pillow?

Never wash the TEMPUR® material. TEMPUR® material should never become wet. We offer a special wet-safe cover to provide extra protection against liquid spills. The cover can be removed and washed in cold water, dried on a cool setting or air drying which is recommended.

How do you dry a Tempurpedic pillow?

How to Dry a Memory-Foam Pillow

  • Remove the pillowcase from the memory-foam pillow and set it aside to be washed and dried.
  • Wring out the pillow with your hands over the sink or outside.
  • Set the memory-foam pillow outside in the sunlight.
  • Leave the pillow in the sunlight or dry, well-ventilated area for at least four hours.

How long does a Tempurpedic pillow last?

While the lifespan of quality options like these vary, Tempur-Pedic is so sure of a long life that they offer a 5-year limited guarantee on the majority of their pillows. This is in comparison with other memory foam offerings, which have a standard lifespan of around two years.