How To Wash Ugg Slippers?

Can you put Ugg slippers in the washing machine?

Never put any UGG® boot or slipper in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaner.

How do you clean ugg slippers?

Clean out any hair or debris that has accumulated in the bottom of your Ugg slippers. Then pour a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid on a damp washrag and scrub the insides of your slippers. Don’t use too much dishwashing liquid or the insides will get too soapy and it will be hard to clean out.

Can you put sheepskin slippers in the washing machine?

Wash the sheepskin using a gentle brush and a mild detergent without submerging in water. (Removable Sheepskin Insoles can be machine washed on gentle cycle or hand wash using cold water and a mild detergent.) Air dry only. Keep away from direct heat.

Can you put suede slippers in the washing machine?

For suede and leather slippers, do not throw them in the washing machine (unless you firmly believe you don’t deserve nice things). Instead spot wash the leather with a damp cloth. You can do the same with suede or use a gentle brush and mild detergent to get the spots out without submerging the slippers in water.

How do you clean ugg slippers without ruining them?


  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Using a microfiber cloth is a great way to clean your Ugg slippers on a regular basis.
  • Brush the slippers. Use a suede brush to gently brush the Ugg slippers about once every week or so.
  • Use a cleaning spray. Spray a small amount of cleaning solution on a sponge.
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How do you clean smelly ugg slippers?

Deodorize your Uggs slippers with baking soda

Sprinkle your slipper’s fur lining with a thin layer of baking soda and leave them overnight. In the morning carefully shake the powder out and you should find that they smell a lot fresher than they did before!

How can I restore my Uggs?

ugg cleaner & conditioner

  1. Gently brush surface to remove dirt.
  2. Moisten surface with clean, damp sponge.
  3. Stuff boots with paper towels to maintain shape.
  4. Let boots dry naturally for 24 hours in a cool, ventilated area.
  5. Once dry, use suede brush and brush in a single direction to restore original appearance.

Can Ugg slippers be dry cleaned?

How do I dry Uggs slippers? If your Uggs get wet, and you do have to clean them with water or with the specialist ugg cleaner they should be left to air dry naturally in a cool place. To help ensure that your uggs slippers maintain their shape as they dry stuff them with white paper.

Do you wear socks with Uggs?

This means not wearing socks with your genuine, Australian made UGGs. Now, it may have been your first thought to wear socks with your UGGs to protect them from the brunt of your inevitably unpleasant foot odour. However, UGG boots were originally designed to be worn without socks for this reason.