How To Wash Your Face With A Beard?

Can you use face wash with a beard?

Use a mild beard wash.

Body washes and regular soap tend to be stronger cleansers and will strip your beard of its natural oils.

Normal face washes are not designed with hair in mind, so they too can over dry your beard, leaving it void of its natural oils.

How do you wash your face if you have a beard?

A natural men’s shampoo will cleanse thoroughly, while also not over drying. We recommend washing your beard only a few times a week. Once you’ve finished washing your face, rinse it off with cool water to close the pores back up and pat dry. Your skin should feel clean, but not “squeaky clean”.

Does Facewash affect beard growth?

Using a good quality face wash is equally important as it directly affects your pH balance, which in turn affects your facial skin’s ability to grow a beard!

Should you use Beard Oil everyday?

It’s normal to apply beard oil at least three times a day: Use beard oil daily to promote hair growth, a clean face and the regular use of beard oil will help your body grow more hair. Store your beard oils at room temperature and you should be good to go.

Is coconut oil good for your beard?

Just like many oils (e.g. jojoba oil for beard care), coconut oil is excellent for beards. It’s not greasy just like other oils and due to lauric acid, it’s able to penetrate your skin more effectively. The conditioning properties of coconut oil make the roots of your facial hair healthier and softer.