How To Wash Your Hair With Cornrows?

Is it OK to wash cornrows?

Cornrows are not meant to be washed the same way you would if you were wearing your hair straight, without the braids. If done properly, cornrows can be washed without causing frizz, fly-away hairs, and without completely undoing the braids. Gently press the shampoo onto the cornrows as much as possible.

How long can you leave cornrows in your hair?

Well, cornrows last at a span of 6-8 weeks but a well-maintained one lasts at a maximum of 12 weeks. There’s the answer to the question But know that there are essential things to do to keep your hair’s good health after putting your braids or cornrows down.

How do you clean cornrows without messing them up?

How to Clean Cornrows, Braids & Twists WITHOUT WASHING

Can I wash my hair with braids?

While you should only wash your hair about once every week or two with box braids, you can clean your scalp more often. Then part your hair and rub the washcloth on your scalp. Don’t leave your braids in for too long. Again, the braids only last a maximum of about two months.