Kingdom Come How To Wash Clothes?

How do I clean my weapon in Kingdom Come?

Cleaning the blood off your weapons is a little trickier, as you can’t dunk your sword in a river to wash off the blood of your enemies. To clean your weapon, take it to a blacksmith and look for a grindstone. This process not only sharpens your blade, it also removes the grime of your fights.

How do I repair my clothes in Kingdom Come?

For weapon repair you’ll need a swordsmith or a blacksmith. For armor repair, an armorsmith or blacksmith can do the job. Clothes can be repaired by a tailor.

How do you disinfect bloody clothes?

Contaminated hard surfaces should be washed with detergent and water, using a single-use cloth, then disinfected with one of the recommended disinfectant solutions. If using a disinfectant wipe, use one wipe to clean the surface (instead of soap and water), and then a second wipe to disinfect.

Where can I wash in Rattay?

The Baths of Rattay is a location in Rattay, run by the Bathhouse Proprietor. There, weary travelers can find willing Bathmaids who can heal their wounds, launder their clothes, and run them a hot bath.

Is there a bathhouse in Rattay?

The Rattay bathhouse is a location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is located to the northwest of Rattay.

How do you stay clean in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How to Clean Clothes and Weapons

Can you repair armor kingdom come?

To pay someone to repair your armor for you, you need only to visit a Blacksmith, Armorsmith, or Swordsmith out in the open world of Kingdom Come, all of which can be found in most major towns or settlements. Otherwise, you can repair your weapons and armor all by yourself by levelling up your Maintenance Skill.

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How do you fix a sword?

Steps to Repair a Sword

  • Place the Anvil. Once you have the required materials, add the anvil to your hotbar so that it is an item that you can use.
  • Use the Anvil. To use the anvil, you need to stand in front of it.
  • Repair the Sword.
  • Move the Repaired Sword to Inventory.

What is the best armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

the house of Zul helmet. the Zul arm plate azul leg plate and the nobleman’s gauntlets in addition to being the best suit of armor stat wise it’s also got the best charisma out of any full suit of plate armor.