How To Clean Air Conditioner?

Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner?

If you spray water on the condenser, it reduces the temperature of the outdoor air and thus increasing the efficiency of the AC.

Something as simple as spraying water on the condenser can help the air conditioner perform better and last longer.

How do you clean mold out of an air conditioner?

Wipe any visible mold growth. In a bucket, mix ½ cup bleach, 1 tablespoon mild dish soap, and 3 gallons hot water. Use a cloth, brush, or sponge to soak up the solution. Scrub the moldy areas of your air conditioner well, and clean the air conditioner front grille if it’s moldy.

How do you clean the inside of a central air conditioner?

Indoor Coil Cleaning –

When should you clean your air conditioner?

Ideally, air conditioning maintenance should be performed twice a year, though once is sufficient for some systems. Between visits, the condenser coils can be cleaned by removing large debris and rinsing the coils with a hose, after shutting the power off.