How To Wash A Lillebaby Carrier?

Can you machine wash Lillebaby carrier?

LÍLLÉbaby carriers are all machine washable!

Before washing, buckle all buckles on soft-structured carriers.

Do not machine wash frequently.

Do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brightener.

How do I wash my Lillebaby?

Wash them alone in cold water with a little bit of gentle detergent. Use the delicate cycle, then hang them to dry. You can dry this fabric in the dryer on a low setting, but remember since it’s a natural fabric it will shrink a bit.

How do you put on a Lillebaby carrier?

lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier – Fetal Position Carry Instructions

How do I clean my Emeibaby carrier?

Our Answer: Do not wash frequently! Spot clean if needed. If you have to wash the carrier, hand wash with an eco friendly or mild detergent.