How To Wash Build A Bear?

If your furry friend requires more than a spot cleaning, place it inside a pillow case and knot the case closed.

Then simply machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water with mild soap and allow your furry friend to air dry.

How do you wash a build a bear hair?

To wash a Build A Bear, start by placing it inside a pillow case and washing it on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Once the cycle is finished, brush the bear’s fur to prevent clumps, and let it air dry. Alternatively, spot clean the bear by mixing 1/4 capful of oxygen stain remover into a bowl of warm water.

How do you clean a build a bear with sound?

Wash the toy in cold water and mild laundry detergent in your washer’s gentle cycle at least once a month or more often if extremely dirty. If the stuffed animal has a sound unit, take it to your local Build-A-Bear store to have the unit removed before washing.

How do you wash a bear?

If you need to wash the whole bear, soak it in a large bowl filled with warm water and a dash of soap. Gently massage the bear’s fur with your fingers to remove dirt. Then, soak the bear in clean, warm water and set it out to air dry.

Can you put ashes in a build a bear?

Tip: if you want to put ashes in a build-a-bear, get a little urn and put some ashes into that, and put that in the bear. Loose ash = bad.

Can you return a build a bear?

Merchandise purchased directly from, a Build-A-Bear Workshop retail store in the US, or by phone through our Guest Service Department may be returned to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Returns Department or to any US Build-A-Bear Workshop retail store, within 90 days of purchase.

Can you Restuff a build a bear?

If they need a complete overhaul, you or the bear buillder can unstuff the animal and then restuff. Then your bear builder can sew your friend back up and they will be ready for more fun at home!

Can a build a bear go in the dryer?

Remove the bear from the washer and let it air dry.

It is not advisable to dry your bear in the dryer.

How do you fluff a build a bear?

How to make an old stuffed animal look new again –

How do you fix a build a bear?

How to Fix your BUILD A BEAR Animal –

Where can I get a stuffed animal Restuffed?

You can find fiberfill at most fabric stores, and even at big box craft stores. Fiberfill is a good choice because a toy stuffed with fiberfill is easy to care for.

What is the best way to clean stuffed animals?

Method 2 Washing by Hand

  • Read the label. Your stuffed animal may say hand wash only or wash on delicate cycle.
  • Fill your sink with cold water and a cup of delicate soap.
  • Immerse your stuffed animal.
  • Rinse off all the soap.
  • Let it dry.
  • Spot clean a surface stain.
  • Use a garbage bag and baking soda.

What does surface washable mean?

What Surface Washable Means. “Surface Washable,” for the most part, means that you can wash and gently clean the stuffed animal/plush on the outside with water and soap (although some more powerful cleaning agents may affect the material).

How much is a build a bear with clothes?

You start at around $15 to $25 for the basic “bear” that is stuffed by you. (FYI, Downtown Disney has higher prices than most Build a Bear locations by a few dollars.) Then they ask you if you want a sound chip, another $10 or so. Then the outfit, clothing, underwear, shoes, accessories.

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How much does it cost to put a voice in a build a bear?

Build-A-Sound™ is Build-A-Bear’s best selling sound even though at $8.00/unit it sells at a $2.00 premium over most of the pre-recorded sounds. Customers are willing to pay a premium for personalization.

What should I name my build a bear?

Cute Teddy Bear Names

Mr. Bear Angel Teddy
Cuddles Lovebug Bootsy
Bella Cuddlebug Winnie
Buttercup Snuggabear Sobig
Fuzzy Wuzzy Sugar Snuggles

1 more row