How To Wash Comfort Colors Shirts?

Our t-shirts from Comfort Colors are 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.

We currently use plastisol ink – do not iron – it will melt!

Wash like colors together – darks in cold water and whites in warm, tumble dry.

Do comfort colors shirts shrink?

People love the soft colors and the way they hang-looser at the bottom. Chromezone shrink where Comfort Colors don’t. If you call the company in Vermont they do have youth sizes and maybe they have an xl youth that would run smaller. They also have ladies sizes that run shorter and smaller.

How do comfort color shirts fit?

Compared with other shirt brands, Comfort Colors are generally thicker and have a larger fit. So keep in mind when you making your selections, your go-to size may be a little bigger on you.

What is a comfort color shirt?

Comfort Colors t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies are garment-dyed which makes for less shrinkage and a more comfortable feel. Comfort Colors proudly oversees every single step of the production process, making Comfort Colors clothing superior in quality and consistent in sizing.

Are comfort colors 100% cotton?

Unlike ordinary Tees, these Comfort Colors are 100% Ring Spun Cotton, which delivers extra softness and durability. They’re Garment-Dyed, so their natural broken-in style won’t shrink.

What colors are comfort colors?

Comfort Colors Color Chart

Color Name Pantone Code Hexadecimal Code
Neon Blue 2475 5170B1
Neon Green 2474 4DB866
Neon Pink 2473 EA639B
Neon Red Orange 4140 F87F88

64 more rows

What material is comfort colors?

Comfort Colors uses ring-spun cotton. The company goes into further detail on their website: “Ring-spinning is a system of cotton production that uses thinner, stronger fibers twisted together to make a yarn. The yarns create a much softer, more durable fabric.

What size comfort colors sweatshirt should I get?


Size Length Width
S 27.5” 22”
M 28.5” 23.5”
L 29.5” 25”
XL 30.5” 26.5”

1 more row