How To Wash White Clothes With Bleach And Detergent?

Can you mix bleach and laundry detergent?

As ACS member Rick Sachleben says, while you should avoid mixing household products in general, bleach can be particularly dangerous if combined with chemicals like ammonia.

“Laundry detergent is formulated to be safely mixed with bleach,” Sachleben says.

When washing whites do you use bleach and detergent?

Although detergent can be used alone, bleach enhances the cleaning power. While the detergent works to clean your laundry, bleach whitens whites, disinfects and helps remove tough stains. These two products work as a team; the bleach breaks down the stains and grime so the detergent can clean them away.

How do you wash white clothes?


  • Separate Whites. The first step in keeping white clothes white is to sort dirty laundry carefully.
  • Avoid Overloading.
  • Choose a Detergent.
  • Promptly Treat Stains.
  • Wash With Warmest Water Possible.
  • Rinse With Vinegar.
  • Check Clothes.
  • Dry on Low.

Can you put bleach in washing machine to whiten clothes UK?

Never pour full-strength chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide into a washer filled with clothes, even if the load is all whites.