How To Wash Your Hair Good?

How do you wash thick hair?

Saturate your hair with lukewarm water before applying shampoo. When you first get into the shower, let lukewarm water run through your locks for 3 to 5 minutes. Because your hair is thicker, it’ll take longer for all of it to get wet. The warm water will loosen built-up grime, product, and grease.

How can I wash my hair with shampoo at home?

How To: Apply SHAMPOO & CONDITION HAIR Correctly | Hair

Is it better to wash your hair upside down?

Lather up with your head upside down to create volume, avoid the ends, and don’t use your fingernails on your scalp. When you rinse it out, make sure you rinse thoroughly enough to where your hair feels squeaky clean. After that, if you’re using conditioner, you can apply that to the ends of your hair.