How To Wash Arcopedico Shoes?

Most of our shoes are machine washable.

We recommend removing the insole, washing on the gentle cycle inside a garment bag and air dry.

It is advised not to put the shoes to dry direct sunlight as it may have an adverse effect on the color dye.

What are Arcopedico shoes?

A lightweight, durable, breathable, water-resistant walking shoe, the Arcopedico Leta goes on (and feels like) a slipper, but performs like a hiking shoe. Ideal for any occasion, their line of footwear features innovative designs that protect feet while providing them with breathability.

Where are Arcopedico shoes made?


Do Arcopedico shoes run small?

These shoes (at least for me) seem to run small (so I order a larger size). This is a very comfortable shoe and easy to wear — flat, Velcro strap. The product is good and worth ordering challenges.

What is Lytech material?

Lytech Line

Introduced in 2011, Arcopédico’s patented Lytech material is an ultra-light lend of polyurethane and LycraⓇ, which allows the shoes to be easily packed for traveling (shoe pairs weigh as little as 10.9 oz.).

What brand of shoes has a butterfly logo?

Alegria Shoes Sale at the Official Alegria Shoe Shop.

Who makes Aravons?

Rockport Family

Are Arcopedico shoes waterproof?

While our shoes are not waterproof they are considered water-resistant under normal circumstances.

What is Lytech?

Lytech® ARCOPEDICO’s Lytech Line shoes are a unique footwear, made of a technological flexible biomembrane material tested at the CTCP – Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre. It’s breathable and volumetric stretching controlled to fit on theTechno Elastic Upper Technology that distinguish all A’RCOPEDICO® shoes.

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Are Arcopedico shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Arcopedico is excellent for common foot problems with its arch support, soft materials, and wide toe boxes. Flat feet / plantar fasciitis – the twin-arch system bolsters the underside of the foot to spread out the pressure placed there when walking and standing.

Are Olukai shoes machine washable?

We recommend cleaning with mild soap and cold water. Synthetic sandals may be washed in your washing machine using mild soap and cold-water temperature setting. After cleaning let your shoes or sandals air dry away from heat.