How To Wash Beanie?

Can you wash a beanie in the washer?

To clean your beanie, it’s usually best to wash it by hand to preserve the hat’s shape and elasticity.

But sturdier materials like cotton can hold up to machine washing, as long as you air-dry your beanie at the end rather than tossing it in the dryer.

How do you wash hats without ruining them?

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Can you wash knit hats?

You can also wash a knit hat in the laundry machine, but first place the hat in a washable garment bag to keep it safe. Set the machine for a cold wash, add your detergent, and allow the load to soak for at least one hour. Next run the washer on the spin-only cycle to mildly agitate the load before spinning dry.

How do you get fuzz off a beanie?

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