How To Wash Crayon Out Of Clothes?

Scrape off as much crayon as possible.

Apply liquid dish soap and work into the stained area.

Let stand a few minutes, rub fabric under warm water to remove the stain.

Machine wash using the heavy soil setting and the hottest water the fabric will allow with OxiClean or Clorox 2.

How do you get crayon out of washed and dried clothes?

Here are the steps to remove melted crayon from clothes:

  • Fill a few large pots with water, put them on your stove top and heat to boiling.
  • Put the clothes in the washer, and set the water to hot.
  • Add laundry detergent.
  • Add 1/2 cup vinegar and 5 Tablespoons of dish soap (Dawn works great).
  • Soak clothes for 15 minutes.

Will crayon come out in the wash?

Fortunately, you can remove the stain by scraping off and lifting the excess wax. Then, wash the fabric in hot water with detergent and baking soda. This should get crayon out of most clothes, but you can treat stubborn stains with WD-40 and liquid dish soap.

How do you get crayon out of the dryer?

Apply a small amount of W-D 40 to a cleaning cloth or cleaning sponge and wipe down the area with the crayon until all of the wax is gone. Dip a clean cloth in soapy water, wring it out and wipe the dryer drum. If you can feel any residue from the WD-40 residue, use more detergent to remove it.