How To Wash Dreads Without Shampoo?

Can I wash my dreads with just water?

Technically you can “wash” your locs with just water, but it’s not recommended because it doesn’t remove dirt or buildup.

Water alone will only get your hair wet.

Getting your hair wet helps to moisturize your dreads, but it doesn’t do anything to clean them.

Do you wash dreadlocks?

Yes, you can wash your dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week, but most people wash every three days.

Can I wash my hair without shampoo?

Your skin naturally secretes oils. Scrubbing your scalp is absolutely vital to washing your hair without shampoo because the ingredients in shampoo are designed to strip your hair of their natural oils. If you don’t scrub your scalp, your hair will be greasy and going no ‘poo will feel like a failed attempt.

How do you naturally clean dreads?

Soak your dreadlocks for 5-10 minutes.

Submerge your dreadlocks into the baking soda solution up to the roots. Soak your locks for up to 10 minutes, or longer if you’re in need of a deep clean. As your dreadlocks soak, the baking soda will strip away dirt, oil, debris and other unwanted buildup.