How To Wash Fabric Shoes?

Can you put shoes in the washing machine?

Wash the shoes, insoles, and laces using the gentle cycle.

Put your shoes, insoles, and laces in the washing machine, along with any towels you want to add to the load. Use cold or warm water and little to no spin. Using hot water in the washing machine may cause the glue bonds in your shoes to weaken, crack, or melt.

Can you put Nikes in the washing machine?

The short answer is yes—you can put them in the washing machine. There are several things that you want to do before throwing them in, though. For starters, you want to remove the shoelaces from your shoes; wash them separately by putting them in a mesh lingerie bag (you can also wash them by hand if you want).

How do you wash sneakers in the washing machine?


  • The night before, wipe off as much dirt as possible with a brush, cloth or an old toothbrush.
  • Remove the laces.
  • Add your shoes and some towels to the washer.
  • Use liquid detergent and run the washer on a cold, delicate cycle.
  • Remove the sneakers from the machine and let them air dry.

How do you clean fabric tennis shoes?

How to Clean White Cloth Tennis Shoes

  1. Remove the laces from the shoes.
  2. Fill a container with warm water and add enough dish soap to make the water sudsy.
  3. Use a brush or cloth to wipe away as much loose dirt as possible.
  4. Dip an old toothbrush into the soapy water and scrub the shoes with it.