How To Wash Fleece Jackets?

Can you dry clean fleece?

No matter what care procedure is recommended— dry cleaning or washing—clean polar fleece in a net bag to minimize further pilling.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to wash your fleece garment in cold water on the hand wash or delicate cycle.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

What happens when you wash fleece?

When washing fleece, avoid using fabric softeners and bleach on your fleece items to ensure they last. Fleece is much more susceptible to pilling it is exposed to heat. It’s important to never iron your fleece or expose it to a hot dryer or a hot water cycle while washing.

How do you make a fleece jacket look new?

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Can you put fleece in the washing machine?

Fleece items are generally safe to wash in the washing machine. When laundering fleece items, wash items inside-out on the gentle cycle using the cold or warm wash and rinse. Fleece may also be hand washed, again using a mild powdered detergent.

How do you dry a fleece jacket?

Hang the jacket on a hanger and let it air dry.

Leave the jacket in a dry place for 1-2 hours so it can air dry. Avoid using the dryer when washing your fleece jacket. Even a light heat cycle can cause your fleece to pill, and the heat can damage your jacket.

Does fleece shrink after washing?

To shrink fleece, wash it in the hottest water temperature possible from the laundry machine. After washing the material, dry it on the hottest dryer setting. Once you take the garment or material out of the laundry, you will notice that it is smaller. If you wish to shrink it further, repeat the same process.

How do you remove fleece from clothing?

Removing Fuzzies

Take a piece of sticky duct tape, wrap it around your index and middle fingers and tap the tape against the fleece. The fuzzies should come off with the tape. Continue until the garment is fuzzy-free. You can also gently scrape a razor blade or a disposable razor against the fleece.

Do you wash fleece in cold or hot water?

Turn your washing machine on to the gentle cycle setting using cool water. A gentle wash or rinse is all the fleece needs so as to keep the fibres soft and fuzzy. Warm or hot water on a strong cycle will degrade the quality and reduce the water proof resistance of the fleece over time.

What do you wash fleece with?

Use only warm, not hot, water on fleece. Add laundry detergent to the washing machine, but do not use a laundry detergent that contains bleach.

How do you make a fleece jacket?


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How do you keep fleece fluffy?

Wash fleece garments separately from other laundry. Set your washing machine to gentle cycle, with a cool or lukewarm temperature. Gently smooth nap with a soft brush after cleaning to improve the appearance of the garment. Air dry your fleece whenever possible.

How do you care for a fleece jacket?

Washing guidelines: Sweatshirts are low-maintenance, but fleece deserves extra care. To keep the nap smooth and soft (that is—not crunchy, static-y, or pilled), turn the garment inside out and wash it with like colors and without linty items, like towels. Rinse twice so there’s no detergent residue. Air-dry.