How To Wash Iceberg Lettuce For Wedge Salad?

Do you need to wash the inside of iceberg lettuce?

To clean iceberg lettuce, give the head a good rinse under cool running water and pat dry.

Place on a cutting board and remove outer leaves that may be dirty or wilted, usually just the outer four.

For lettuce wraps, remove leaves, trying your best to keep the whole leaf intact.

How do you wash a lettuce wedge?

How do you wash lettuce for a wedge salad? Remove any brown or wilted leaves from the outside of the head and then cut it into 4 equal wedges top to bottom with the core intact. Rinse each wedge in cold water and pat dry with paper towels.

How do you clean iceberg lettuce for a salad?

To wash iceberg lettuce first remove the core with a paring knife. Then break it apart with your hands. (Some heads of iceberg are much firmer than others!) Fill a large bowl with cool water and gently place the lettuce leaves in the bowl giving them a gentle swish as you drop them in the bowl.

How do you prepare iceberg lettuce?

Here’s the easiest way to prepare iceberg lettuce.

  • Place the lettuce on a chopping board. Pound the core hard on the board.
  • Hold the lettuce in one hand and hold the core firmly in the other hand. Twist the core to remove it in one piece.
  • Separate the leaves. Rinse, then dry in a salad spinner.