How To Wash Minky?

It can be used wet or dry.

Hand wash in warm soapy water to keep pad clean and fresh.

Re-shape whilst damp and allow to air dry.

Can you machine wash a Minky?

Use wet or dry. Hand or machine wash at 40°C to keep pad clean and fresh. Performs like new after washing.

What is a Minky for cleaning?

The product in question is the Minky MCloth anti-bacterial cleaning pad, a dual-sided pad that promises to make light work of all cleaning tasks thanks to a scrubbing side that is ideal for removing burnt on stains and marks, as well as a microfibre side that lifts away grease and grime.

What does Mrs Hinch use Minky cloth for?

It boosts non-scratch technology and anti-bacterial protection. Mrs Hinch opts to use her Minky in place of a generic sponge, using it with everything from the now famous ‘The Pink Stuff’ and Flash spray, to keep her bathroom and kitchen pristine.

What do you do with Minky?