How To Wash Nudie Jeans?

How often should you wash Nudie Jeans?

We recommend at least 6 months of daily wear so that you develop a unique worn-in look. If you choose to wash earlier than the 6 months then make sure to wash it on a very gentle cycle.

Do Nudie jeans shrink?

Sanforizing is a way of pre-washing the dry fabric. After this process the fabric won’t shrink too drastically during production. The jeans will stretch for a bit during wear, but will shrink back to its original size after washing. We only use sanforized denim for our dry jeans.

How do you wash blue jeans for the first time?

When you get a new pair of jeans, early loving care is important when it comes to long-lasting denim. The best way you can do this is to wash your jeans by hand and wash them alone. Turn them inside out, and either wash them in cold water in the sink or in the bathtub, where they can be placed down flat.

What happens when you wash raw denim?

As a general rule of thumb, you should wait at least 6 months (with regular wear) before soaking or washing your raw denim. In reality, washing your raw denim too soon will result in less defined fades/whiskers and instead, your raw denim will have a uniform/bland fade.

Why you should never wash your jeans?

Guys with eczema, open wounds, or even just dry skin are more likely to develop a bacterial infection, she says. More commonly, oil in your pants could cause acne or folliculitis, she says.

How can I wash my jeans without washing them?

To do this, lay jeans flat in the bathtub and fill to cover with cool to cold water. Add one cup of regular white vinegar to the water and swish it around to distribute it evenly. Leave jeans to soak for about an hour, then wring out the excess liquid (no need to rinse) and hang jeans by the waistband to dry.