How To Wash Tommy Bahama Silk Shirts?

Personally, I’d recommend washing by hand in the sink with some Woolite, and NO DRYER AT ALL.

Lay flat on a towel to dry.

However, since the label says it’s okay to put in washer on delicate, do that if you don’t want the hassle of hand-washing.

But don’t use the dryer.

Can you wash silk in the washing machine?

Only machine wash silk items if the label allows and only wash on a delicates/silk cycle. Be sure to opt for a low temperature, too. If you want to take a chance on hand-washing or using the silk/delicates programme on your washing machine, use a low temperature and wring out gently or use a slow spin cycle.

What happens if you put silk in the washing machine?

“Yes, you can wash silk clothes in washing machine, but only on delicate mode since silk is a very soft and delicate cloth.” “For silk clothes, use only lukewarm or cool water for washing.” “If your washing machine has a silk/delicate mode then select the mode and can wash the silk clothes.”

How do you wash a silk Hawaiian shirt?

Machine wash cold water, preferably on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach, which may damage and wear out the material. Tumble dry low, medium or air dry. Iron on low heat to give your shirt that soft but crisp look; dresses should be cared with a steamer to remove wrinkles.

Do Tommy Bahama cotton shirts shrink?

Shirts do not shrink. My teen son and my husband both love this shirt (in many different colors) from Tommy Bahama.