How To Wash With Hibiclens?

How to Use Hibiclens

  • Use your normal shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Use your normal soap to wash your face and genital area.
  • Open the Hibiclens bottle.
  • Move away from the shower stream to avoid rinsing off the Hibiclens too soon.
  • Rub the Hibiclens gently over your body from your neck to your feet.

Can you wash your face with hibiclens?

Clean your skin with Hibiclens

Hibiclens is a strong disinfectant, so do not use it on or near your face, eyes, ears, or head. Also, do not wash with your regular soap after using Hibiclens.

What kills hibiclens?

HIBICLENS is an OTC antimicrobial skin cleanser that contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate, which kills bacteria (including staph) on contact and provides long-lasting antimicrobial activity. This convenient liquid product is safe for everyday use as a general skin cleanser, as it is gentle on the skin.

How do you use chlorhexidine wash?

To use chlorhexidine topical soap, apply only enough to cover the area you are treating. Wash the area gently, then rinse thoroughly with plain water. Avoid using over large areas of skin. This medicine is made under sterile conditions, but its contents are not sterilized.

Can you dilute hibiclens?

To use Hibiclens soap, apply only enough to cover the area you are treating. If no applicator is provided, use only a clean cotton ball or cotton swab to apply this medicine. Do not touch the tip of the medicine bottle with your fingers or touch it to your skin. Do not dilute the medicine with water or other liquid.