How To Wash Wool Pants?

How do you wash wool pants in the washing machine?

Place the pants in a mesh laundry bag and add specialized wool or cashmere shampoo to the machine in the amount recommended by the product’s manufacturer. Set the washer to a cold temperature on a woolen or delicate cycle. Hang the pants by the waistband and allow them to air-dry.

How do you wash wool dress pants at home?

Wash them right at home, but use care to keep the fabric intact.

  • Spot treat any stains on the wool pants by apply white vinegar.
  • Fill a sink or tub with enough cool water to completely cover the pants.
  • Place the wool pants into the water.
  • Drain the water from the sink or tub.
  • Fill the sink or tub with clean, cool water.

Can I wash suit pants in the washing machine?

Wash the dress pants in cold water on the gentle cycle.

Put the mesh bag with the pants inside of it into the wash. Use a mild laundry detergent. Turn the washing machine on to the gentlest cycle available and use cold water.

What happens if you machine wash wool?

The heat and soap shrink the garment and turn it from a soft, woven texture to a harder material – felt. Running wool items through the wash cycle of your machine also damages the machine as fuzz from the wool can detach and felt, forming hard clumps inside the pump. Wool does not need to be washed frequently.