How To Wash Down Puffer Jacket?

How do you wash a puffer jacket?

To boil all this down, here are the 3 steps you need to remember for washing your puffers:

  • Wash on cold water using the delicate cycle.
  • Use a mesh laundry bag and/or down-specific detergent, if you have it.
  • Immediately after washing, tumble dry on low heat, and don’t forget dryer balls.

Can you machine wash down jacket?

Washing your down jacket:

Place your jacket in the washing machine on a warm cycle (not hot or cold) and put in the down wash as directed. When it’s time to dry, use a very low heat setting on your dryer and throw in three clean tennis balls to help break up wet clumps of down.

How do you fix a down jacket after washing it?

Key is to put it on a low heat in the tumble dryer and take out and shake every 30mins or so. Once you think it’s dry, dry it some more, then dry it again. Takes ages but the clumps of down will come apart if you keep taking it out and giving it a shake.

How do you wash a synthetic puffer jacket?

Synthetic insulated jackets should be washed by hand in a sink or on a gentle wash cycle in a washing machine. Avoid using top loaders with agitators as these can rip the delicate shell fabric of your jacket. Instead, wash your jacket in a front loading machine if you have one at home or in a laundromat.